The Wedding Floor is here!

We are now able to offer pure white dance floors for hire. We get some many enquiries for white dance floors we have decided to listen to our customers and extend our range of dance floors.

The pure white floor comes in 4ft x 2ft sections and can make any size as long as the number can be divided by 2 to make a whole number.

The white dance floor is now a must for weddings and themed events. If your budget can stretch you, why not order one of our white starlit dance floors. If you are looking for a wow factor, these floors will manage that! The starlit white dance floor is almost the same as the pure white but has hundreds of LED's inside, which can chase or twinkle to the music.

If you are planning a themed night or a Christmas party, why not consider booking a white dance floor to go with the theme?

All of our stunning dance floors are inter-locking, requiring no screws or fixings and are laid in minutes. We have smart and helpful crew to ensure the install of the dance floor is done in a professional manor.

Here to help

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Let our staff help you in choosing the right size dance floor. We can offer you various quotes for all types of dance floors and allow you to choose the right one for your function.